UME是英文“Ultimate Movie Experience”的缩写,其意为“非凡·电影·体验”,于2002年始发于北京,随着华星店的华丽绽放开启了中国多厅高端影城的新纪元。 2017年华人文化集团公司全资收购了UME影城,给历经16年稳步发展并在业界取得骄人业绩的UME注入了更强的文化气息以及强大的后续发展动力。华人文化集团公司由黎瑞刚先生于2015年创立,并担任董事长CEO。截止2019年4月,UME在全国25个城市投资运营了53家优质影城,位列全国影投前15强,被誉为运营效益与品质最强的影院品牌之一。






The Company Profile of UME International Cineplex


      UME is the abbreviation of “Ultimate Movie Experience”, which is also the brand significant. It was established in Beijing in 2002, and has opened a new era for China’s multi-hall upmarket movie center with the grand opening of HuaXing UME. UME was wholly owned by CMC Inc. in 2017, which was founded in 2015 by Li Ruigang who was also the chairman, CEO. This acquisition poured the stronger cultural connotation and subsequent power of development into UME, which has steadily developed for 16 years and has gained impressive achievements. By the end of April,2019, there has had 53 high quality cinemas operated by UME International Cineplex in 25 cities throughout the country. It is praised as one of the most reputable brand on cinema operational effectiveness and quality that rank top 15 in cinematographic projection field.


      During the past 16 years on administration, UME International Cineplex was always in accordance with a principle of “ being in the lead for professional first”, and adopted the newest technologies nowadays on hardware devices, such as IMAX, UMEDMAX, CGS, LUXE, 4DX, Dolby Atmos, ALPD,DTS:X,etc. As concerns the software service, UME insists on the people oriented, and provides the meticulously distinguished experience for audiences started with details. It is the high-level screening, warm smile and the strong unique atmosphere of movie culture that make UME repeatedly obtain the laurels as “ The most fashionable Cineplex”, “ The Cineplex of highest single-seat output” ,“The champion of one-day box office”, “ The designated Cineplex of Shanghai International Film Festival and Beijing International Film Festival”, etc. Therefore, UME is regarded as the vane of the industry.


      UME International Cineplex will step into a new age of rapid development and iterative innovation after merging into CMC Inc. and will continue in the future to maintain the idea of “extraordinary cinematic experience”. Combining with the advantages of CMC Inc., we are going to explore a totally new model—a complex of filmic culture and entertainment in the pan-cultural domain, and to create a new concept of pan-cultural transmission landmark,so that to keep on guiding the new fashion of Chinese film.